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How it works

The Way We Work

Safe Fast and Timely car shipping Delivery.

Detail your route, vehicle, car transport type.

Ensure a seamless and punctual delivery process.

Continue your activities while we manage all the particulars.

Deliver your vehicle to the driver at the designated pickup location.

Easily complete the online form for a swift process.

Opt for secure, fast, and convenient payment options.

How Does It Work?

At State Auto Ship services, we take suitable steps to ensure that we deliver your vehicle to your destination in the best and most affordable way possible –

Step 1 - Get the shipping quote and schedule a pickup

Using our online shipping quote calculator or through our dedicated customer service team, you can quickly get the correct quote for your shipment needs. We have a fair pricing strategy based on your requirements. You will need to share the following details with us –
  • Pick-up and drop-off location,
  • Trailer type desired,
  • Shipping timelines,
  • Make, model, and condition of the vehicle, etc.
In case of any query or clarification, you can call us to seek better details. We offer you an all-inclusive quote with no hidden costs.

Step 2- We pick up your vehicle

Depending on your needs, our door-to-door service carrier will contact you a few days before the scheduled pickup. It is best to communicate clearly with them to ensure easy and timely action. Since our trucks are large, ensure your selected location is accessible through such vehicles. In case of any issue, it is best to seek an alternative site to suit your needs.

Step 3 - Inspecting the vehicle

Before pickup, the driver will inspect your vehicle thoroughly. They will also fill out the Bill of Lading to note the existing condition of your car. They will also take photographs of your car before loading the vehicle for the shipment process. You can contact your driver, post the shipment process, or choose to track your vehicle through our dedicated tracking number.

Step 4 - The car is delivered to your doorstep

As soon as your vehicle reaches the destination, our driver will contact you. The next task is to inspect the car to ensure no damage during the transport. You can check the same with the Bill of Lading and sign it to complete the process!